Sclerotherapy - Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy: spider vein treatment-Sclerotherapy in High Point, NC

Spider veins are a reality for millions of people. Luckily, using saline injections can treat those unattractive veins.
When the valves in your veins weaken or blood flow circulation is weak, this causes the blood that normally flows toward your heart to collect in the valve areas. The results of this are spider veins, which appear as blue or red spiders just below the skin's surface, and can appear in the face as well as the legs. Many factors can cause spider veins including:
  • Blood flow during pregnancy 
  • Exposure to the sun on fair skin 
  • Heredity 
  • Obesity 
  • Standing for long periods of time
While it is possible to avoid most causes of spider veins, we often see patients for whom professional treatment is unavoidable.
Our spider vein treatment in Hight Point, NC, is a cosmetic procedure not filed to insurance.
Once we decide that saline injections are right for you, we will walk you through the procedure, step by step.
For More Information on spider veins and varicose veins, please click on the following link for information from the American Academy of Dermatology's pamphlet on spider veins and varicose veins.
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